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Education №1: sports and fitness shooting

Education №2: pole photo

Education №3: aqua portrait

Education №4: pole dance photo, how it was shoot and retouched

Education №5: DIY in pro photo and video shootings

Education №6: Can the laser damage camera’s sensor


Education №7: Shooting video, what kind of stabilizer do I use

Education №8: can a constant LED light compete with a flash


Education №9: Pole dance with Aleona, how it was shoot


Education №10: do you need a lot of equipment


Education №11: let’s make it fast and beautiful


Education №12: commercial photography vs hobby, pros and cons

Education №13: do not use bad equipment

Education №14: one of the best gadgets that I never used before

Education №15: cheap video light from Aputure, comparing two models

Education №16: my thoughts about cinamatic shooting

Education №17: skin retouching, part 1

Education №18: skin retouching, part 2

Education №19: why constant light is starting to win?

Education №20: why strobe light will never lose?

Education №21: how is constant light superior to strobe?

Education №22: skin retouching, part 3

Education №23: renting equipment, why do I rarely use it?

Education №24: battery-powered devices, buy them with caution

Education №25: how to shoot using inexpensive flashes with constant light

Education №26: underrated gear that I fell in love with

Education №27: make tan skin in two clicks

Education №28: 11 rules of work with clients, my recommendations

Education №29: 10 rules for working with models, my recommendations

Education №30: how I organize presets in Lightoom

Education №31: skin colors are most important

Education №32: why do you need image toning?

Education №33: color space in Lightroom Classic

Education №34: how to select laser and to use it right